1. I am not able to access my course?

ยท Don't worry, If you are not able to access your course just CLICK HERE and reset your login with the email id you used while making the purchase.

2: I have lost track or Missed LIVE Sessions, I would like to watch old Recordings again?

Navigate to the Course  Name "21 Days Quantum Healing" and Find the Section Name "Quantum VIP Vault" for all the LIVE Recordings 
Note: Due to Limited space, we will save only 21 Days of Recordings 

3: My Course page says Expired. What should I do?

Check if the full payment is done or if the subscription is still active. 
Contact Soulful Academy Support Group for any questions.  Click here: WhatsApp Group

4: I have multiple H-E-A-L Mind & Soul WhatsApp Groups. Which one to Follow?

We have one community for each modalities and one for Orientation. We recommend to exit all other than the main ones.