class ChakraAnalyzer: def __init__(self): self.chakras = { 'Root': 0, 'Sacral': 0, 'Solar Plexus': 0, 'Heart': 0, 'Throat': 0, 'Third Eye': 0, 'Crown': 0 } def ask_question(self, chakra, question): while True: try: rating = int(input(f"{question} (On a scale of 1 to 10): ")) if 1 <= rating <= 10: return rating else: print("Please enter a valid rating between 1 and 10.") except ValueError: print("Please enter a valid numerical rating.") def analyze_chakras(self): print("Answer the following questions to assess the openness of each chakra:") self.chakras['Root'] = self.ask_question('Root', 'How grounded do you feel in your daily life?') self.chakras['Sacral'] = self.ask_question('Sacral', 'How well do you connect with your emotions and creativity?') self.chakras['Solar Plexus'] = self.ask_question('Solar Plexus', 'How confident and in control do you feel?') self.chakras['Heart'] = self.ask_question('Heart', 'How open and compassionate are you towards yourself and others?') self.chakras['Throat'] = self.ask_question('Throat', 'How effectively do you communicate and express yourself?') self.chakras['Third Eye'] = self.ask_question('Third Eye', 'How connected do you feel to your intuition and inner wisdom?') self.chakras['Crown'] = self.ask_question('Crown', 'How spiritually connected do you feel to the universe?') def identify_blocked_chakra(self): blocked_chakras = [chakra for chakra, rating in self.chakras.items() if rating <= 5] if not blocked_chakras: print("All chakras are open and balanced!") else: print(f"The following chakras may be blocked: {', '.join(blocked_chakras)}") if __name__ == "__main__": analyzer = ChakraAnalyzer() analyzer.analyze_chakras() analyzer.identify_blocked_chakra()