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Founder at Soulful Academy
Life & Mindset Coach | Reiki Grand Master | ICH Master | MMI Coach

Rekha's immense growth in life coaching and healing stems from her commitment to personal development, acquisition of skills, exploration of healing modalities, practice, feedback, resilience, expansion of reach, integration of values, continuous learning, and celebration of achievements

Soulful Academy's impact extends to 200 community members, with over 50,000 individuals positively influenced by her work in life coaching and healing


Golden Benefits Await: Elevate Your Life with Gold Membership's Exclusive Perks

Indulge in 21 days of Soulful Manifestation Club, a journey where you'll seamlessly manifest your deepest desires with grace and intentionality.

Elevate your financial wisdom with 5 days of Money Mindset Mastery, empowering you to sculpt a mindset rich in abundance and prosperity.

Delve into 21 Days of Millionaire Money Mindset Mastery and unlock the blueprint to adopting the mindset of a true millionaire.

Join our invigorating live sessions every weekday at 5:30 am, where you'll ignite your day with wisdom, inspiration, and motivation from our esteemed mentors.

Engage in daily live challenges within our dynamic Facebook community, fostering connection, growth, and unwavering support on your journey to manifestation mastery. Elevate your existence with the opulence of Gold Membership today!


What is Gold Membership?

Gold Membership is an exclusive program designed to empower individuals on their journey to manifesting their dreams and cultivating a millionaire mindset. Through a blend of guided practices, expert insights, and community support, Gold Membership offers a transformative experience aimed at unlocking your full potential.

What does Gold Membership include?

Gold Membership includes access to various benefits such as the Soulful Manifestation Club, Money Mindset Mastery sessions, Millionaire Money Mindset Mastery program, live sessions on weekdays, and daily challenges within our Facebook community. These resources are tailored to help you manifest your desires and cultivate a mindset of abundance.

How long does Gold Membership last?

Gold Membership offers a flexible duration, allowing members to participate in the program for as long as they desire. Whether you're seeking short-term guidance or long-term transformation, Gold Membership accommodates your journey accordingly.

Is Gold Membership suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Gold Membership caters to individuals of all levels, from beginners to seasoned practitioners. Our program offers comprehensive guidance and support, ensuring that everyone can embark on their manifestation journey with confidence and clarity.

How do I access the live sessions and community challenges?

Upon joining Gold Membership, you'll receive access to our exclusive online platform, where you can participate in live sessions and engage with community challenges. Additionally, you'll be added to our private Facebook group, where you can connect with fellow members and share your experiences.

Can I upgrade my membership to Diamond Membership and have the Gold Membership fee deducted?

Yes, we offer the option to upgrade your membership to Diamond Membership, which unlocks even more exclusive features and benefits. When you upgrade, the fee you've already paid for Gold Membership will be deducted from the Diamond Membership price, ensuring a seamless transition. If you're interested in elevating your manifestation journey further with Diamond Membership, please contact our customer support team for assistance with upgrading your membership.