THIS is JUST NOT a webinar, when you walk out of the masterclass 

you will EXPERIENCE the bliss of energy healing 


90 Minutes Live Webinar

23rd DEC  2023 @10:00 AM

Important - Very Few Seats Left

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Join our free webinar to discover powerful 6-D techniques for enhancing your health, improving your relationships, supercharging your career, and mastering your financial journey. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and transformative tools for achieving holistic well-being and success in every aspect of your life

This Workshop Is For You If

  Interpersonal Conflict:* Dealing with conflicts, societal pressure, fear, and inner turmoil.

    Financial Strain:* Coping with stress and anxiety due to financial difficulties.

   Health Challenges:* Navigating health issues and emotions amid peer pressure.

   Career Uncertainty:* Facing self-doubt and insecurity related to career choices.

   Grief and Loss:* Dealing with emotional struggles after loss.


Here’s What You Will Learn & Experience In This 

2-Hour LIVE Masterclass

Experience the secrets of Universal Energy, Forgiveness Magic, Inner Joy and Vedic Energy Realignment to unlock balance, healing, self-discovery, and dream manifestation.

Soul Cleansing Mantra

Let go of past & Feel the Deep peace

Time-Traveling Soul Reconnection

Rekindling Joy Within & The Inner Child Reawakening

Vedic Chakra Awakening

Revive and balance your inner energies with Vedic wisdom

Ancient Energetic Balancing

Experience the Magic of Reiki Flowing in to You

Conscious Paradigm Shift

Experience a profound Shift for lasting mindset transformation."

Energetic Freedom Tapping

Experience a profound Shift for lasting mindset transformation."

Note from REKHA

Mother of two kids, understanding Familyhood.

-21 years of professional experience.

-Joint family dynamics familiarity.

-Solutions-driven, issue resolver.

-Personal and collective growth focus.

-Direct, concise teaching style.

-Immediate transformation belief.Aligned with life's purpose.

Why Attend THIS Masterclass

Find balance and peace in your emotions.      

Foster well-being with the gift of healthy boundaries. 

Heal comfortably and confidently with step-by-step guidance.

Invite positive and transformative relationships into your life          

Take control of your healing journey and personal growth.         

Find balance and peace in your emotions.                                 

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Real Stories, Real Transformations: Hear from Those Who've Experienced the Power of Ho'oponopono Energy Healing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We would want our audience to actively participate. Post 60 minutes session, the floor will open for the general public.

It is going to be a live event.

No, This is Live Webinar. No recordings will be provided

Anyone in your family, Friends and loved ones can attend this webinar