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Blissful Healing 

Chakra Cleansing |Reiki | Ho'oponopono | EFT 

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4 Dimension (4D) Healing 

Quantum Healing is a combination of five mindset techniques which gives positive vibes through out the day.

- Chakra Cleansing    - Ho'oponopono Prayers

- Reiki Healing      

 - EFT Tapping

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              BOOK MY SPOT NOW @ Just RS.555

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What Our Clients Are Saying About BLISSFUL HEALING


While I am Hearing your voice I am feeling so blessed. Because of this Healing Session, My Home is spread full of Positive vibes including my parents. Before we used to have unwanted arguments and my anxiety level was very high. But now I am feeling so happy about the way they are treating me. I am surrounded with full of positivity. Thank You Rekha Mam.

Daljeet Kaur

The Session what you take is wonderful and relaxed. All these years i was always stressful and tensed but after your session with burning bowl Activity, I felt that all my tension  and stressfulness  is just gone and i am feeling so much relaxed and Peaceful. This is all because of you Rekha Ma'am. Thank you So much for coming in my life and giving me opportunity to Heal Myself.   

Software Engineer

What do i owe to get so much of love from you Mam.  I am lucky that i have found soulful Rekz. i don't have words to describe how overwhelmed i am to have you as my healer/Coach more then that soul sister. Life is made super fun and excited and all because of you mam. You are my motivation. Your guidance has made me a better person that i am today. i have a long way to go but i am happy from the bottom of my heart i took that 1st step with Soulful Rekz  

Working Professional & Mother

After 10 Days of Quantum & Chakra Healing, I Feel a lot of calmer and Happy. I feel that my inner child is bouncing around inside me.  Now, I get Good sleep and feel that mu chakars have opened up and blockages are removed. I Feel lighter.  

Home Maker & Healer

Feeling positive and relaxed. i have sound sleep for passed 8 days. and also, I learned how to keep up self and how important is Self-Love. 

Software Engineer

Thank you so much Rekha…. The session was really effective with full energy . I feel very energised , relaxed and calm . I could see many changes in me right from my first session. You are making us feel very comfortable and taking good care of us… I am living my life as I want with all positive thought’s….happy to be part of the team …

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Discover Self-Love
Most Important Relationship 

Affirmations that work
Daily Tasks and Affirmations 

Know Your Chakras
7 Chakras and Benefits 

High Energy Activity
Energy oriented sessions 

Daily Meditation 
Chakra | Reiki | Ho'oponopono Meditations

Motivation Mantras
Soulful Talks with life coach Rekha

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